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UK heeft binnenkort recyclebare verpakkingen gelanceerd!
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The many benefits of dulse seaweed (and why it’s great for vegans)

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We think Paul loves dulse as much as we do! In this video, he runs through a very well-researched summary of 4 key health benefits of dulse seaweed. 

He first explores the B12 benefits of our favorite red algae seaweed, which makes it an obvious choice for those on a vegetarian and even vegan diet. For many years now, humans have been deficient in this much-needed vitamin and he rightly points out that these deficiencies often don’t show up in the body for up to two years. A regular dose of Organic Dulse Seaweed can keep you properly topped up. Ours is packed with protein, vitamin B12, iron and calcium and is sourced responsibly and sustainably from the North Atlantic - where the world’s best dulse is found!

  • 3.5 ounce of dulse contains approximately 6.6 micrograms of B12,which is more than the NHS guidelines of 1.5 micrograms daily! 
  • Paul also explores other benefits of dulse seaweed, such as it’s incredible nutrient density, it’s contributions to brain health and how awesome it can taste!
  • For all vegans and those following a plant-based diet, we recommend washing all our Organic Seaweeds thoroughly before use.

Watch the full video here.

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