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Sea spaghetti as a gluten free pasta alternative

Gluten free pasta sea spaghetti

We all love pasta, right? What's not to adore about the versatile, satisfying slurps of spaghetti as the silky strands - coated in your oil or sauce of choice - get devoured mouthful after mouthful come mid-week meal or weekend feast. 

But for some of us, traditional pasta is just not accessible, as millions of us in UK are either gluten intolerant or have decided to eat a gluten free diet for varying reasons.

Our answer to this has always been to turn to sea spaghetti. Naturally free of gluten, this wonderful superfood of the sea is not only packed full of nutrition and teams exceptionally well with seafood or veggie dishes but it also makes the perfect gluten-free pasta alternative. 

What's more, seaweed can actually help us lose excess weight and maintain a weight we're happy with, as worked wonders for Jamie Oliver on his famous seaweed diet!

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