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Fish Pie with Atlantic Kitchen Dulse Seaweed | Recipe

Dulse Seaweed Recipe

Fish Pie with Dulse Seaweed

Winter is the perfect season to get cosy with a warm pie. Experiment wildly with this Atlantic Kitchen take on a traditional fish pie. We have added our Atlantic Kitchen Dulse Seaweed to this fish pie recipe, so you'll serve up an abundance of ocean flavours (as well as extra nutrients for the family)! 

This recipe is probably the best fish pie we've ever tasted!  

Serves 8 




Preheat an oven to 180degrees. 

Peal and boil the potato’s in salty water.  When soft remove potatoes and mash with olive oil, Dulse or Dulse Flakes and salt to taste and plenty of freshly ground pepper. (For a finer texture you can use Dulse Flakes directly. If its a chunkier bite you'd like then hydrate Dulse Seaweed and chop in to mash in desired size.)

Whilst the potatoes are cooking you can cut the fish into 1 inch squares and put in an oven proof dish. 

Finally dice the onions, carrots and garlic and fry until soft.

Once soft add the cream, cheese, mustard and the juice of one lemon. Wilt the spinach into the sauce.

Season highly and pour over the fish in the oven proof dish. 

Top with mash and don't forget to ruffle the top!

Bake until bubbling and golden brown. (This should be around 35-40 minutes). Enjoy! 



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