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We choose seaweed that is grown in abundance in the purest Atlantic waters around the European coastline. We want to keep our ingredients as local as we can, depending on the harvest we source from Ireland, Scotland, France and Spain. The vigorous Atlantic currents add to the taste and texture of our cold-water crops.


The cold, wild waters in which our seaweed grows are independently tested each year to ensure absolute purity. All our crops grow abundantly in the open ocean rather than being planted and farmed.


A deliciously versatile savoury ingredient, seaweeds are part of the wild sea vegetable family. Just like land vegetables, there’s a whole rainbow of colours, textures and tastes out there, from sweetly mild to richly smoked, so that means there’s a leaf for everyone.


Seaweeds are a naturally nourishing super food packed with all the vitamins and minerals we need to live. There is zero bad stuff, just pure goodness whether enjoyed raw or in recipes.


All our seaweed is sustainably and ethically crafted from sea to spoon. Sustainable because it is harvested in batches at the peak of the season, while still alive. This is done by hand and by people who know how to protect, preserve and promote healthy growth year on year. Ethical because we work with local businesses who employ local people who have worked and lived by the coast for generations. Helping to maintain and generate employment within these coastal communities is another positive outcome of eating seaweed. It’s simple: the more people who love seaweed, the better for more people. They are then dried naturally in the sea air – nothing added, nothing taken away, just full of organic Atlantic goodness from sea to spoon.


Don’t get confused with the seaweeds you see washed up on the shore – most of these are not the edible kind and they are no longer fresh so rest assured we don’t let these anywhere near our kitchen or yours!

So experiment wildly and enjoy! 

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