Atlantic Kitchen The Sun on Sunday Jane Atkinson September 2015

The Sun digs our Sea Spaghetti!

22 September 2015

Jane Atkinson of the Sun on Sunday reviews a few different types of seaweed, including our Sea Spaghetti! Initially she isn’t convinced, but the taste and texture seem to have changed her mind…
“We love a celebrity fad so when Jamie Oliver shared his secret to weight loss we were all ears. But we were gutted when he put it down to seaweed (we’re not he greatest fans). There again, it can reduce fat intake from food up to 75 per cent. Here is what seaweed can do for you…
New company Atlantic Kitchen produces lots of foods from the sea but I thought the Sea Spaghetti seaweed sounded the safest! It is dark green and you bung it in water for ten minutes to cook like ‘normal pasta’. I was quite surprised by it, it isn’t bad – quite mild and not fishy. Good if you’re on a health kick! See”

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