The Guardian article 'The unstoppable rise of seaweed' May 2015

Seaweed is ‘exploding’, says The Guardian

6 June 2015

Following the launch of fresh Sea Spaghetti in Tesco, the first major listing of fresh seaweed, The Guardian publishes this article, covering the top UK seaweed suppliers, including Atlantic Kitchen. For a list of where to buy Atlantic Kitchen click here:

What’s slimy, a bit smelly, and all the rage in fashionable kitchens? Seaweed. Touted as “the new kale”, it’s popping up everywhere, from restaurant menus – with crab, cucumber and dill at Kitty Fisher’s; hake and pak choi at Grain Store in King’s Cross, and in butter at The Sportsman in Kent – to, as of this week, Tesco’s veg aisle. On Monday, the chain became the first major supermarket to stock fresh, edible seaweed, selling 80g punnets of tagliatelle-like sea spaghetti, harvested on the Cornish coast, for £2.

A growing number of specialists are now offering sustainably-sourced algae. One of the earliest on the scene was Just Seaweed, run by Iain Mckellar, a former truck driver, on the Isle of Bute since 2007. In the past few years he has been joined by Edinburgh-based Mara Seaweed, which harvests at four locations in East Neuk of Fife and Argyll, The Cornish Seaweed Company, harvesting on behalf of Tesco, and Atlantic Kitchen, which imports seaweed from Ireland, France and Spain. Business, apparently, is booming: Mara Seaweed, whose packs of smoky-flavoured dulse, umami-rich kombu and a salty-sweet “shony” blend are available from Ocado, saw demand increase 73% in the last quarter of 2014. It is hoping to triple sales in 2015.

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