Phatcupcake - Atlantic Kitchen - 2015

Phat Cupcake reviews our seaweed

31 March 2016

Lifestyle and food blogger Phat Cupcake reviews our delicious seaweed, with a particular focus on replacing pasta. Here’s what she makes of it…

“It can be harder than it sounds to cut out pasta. I’ve tried and always go back to it, usually with disturbing effects that I won’t go into. I’m always on the hunt for alternatives that will keep me fuller for longer and I am especially a fan of something that actually tastes like pasta without the effects.Then Atlantic Kitchen offered to send me some of their seaweed products to review which they call, ‘sea spaghetti’.

Seaweed is packed with vitamins and minerals and there is also some research to suggest it can absorb some of the fat in your diet. I’m not entirely sold on the idea but if there is a product out there that I can use like pasta that tastes just as good with added health benefits I’m sold.

You cook it just like pasta, boil in water and serve just like you would pasta. I tried the sea spaghetti with my Muscle Food hache steaks, plain and simple. No dressings, no seasoning. For me, it needs a dressing. It’s a little too ‘sea’ tasting for me although the texture is that of perfectly cooked al dente pasta.

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