Dail Mail Sept 2015 article Atlantic Kitchen image

Jamie Oliver’s seaweed diet for health and weight loss

3 September 2015

The Daily Mail’s article on “Why Jamie Oliver ’s seaweed diet could help you get slim too”.
Jamie Oliver last month attributed his recent weight loss to seaweed, calling it ‘the most nutritious vegetable in the world’. And he’s not alone in believing so – seaweed is fast becoming the greatest trend in food since Oliver brought the word ‘pukka’ into common parlance. “Seaweed has many health benefits and there’s been a huge increase in demand” says Ruth Dronfield, managing director of Atlantic Kitchen, whose edible seaweed products are stocked in more than 150 UK stores. “Chefs are using it a great deal more on their menus and it’s perfect for consumers looking for local, healthy and nourishing foods

‘Seaweeds are basically marine algae,’ says Ruth. There are thought to be more than 11,000 species globally, with around 400 in the coastal waters of the UK.
People have made use of it for centuries: the Romans applied it to treat wounds, and it’s been eaten by the Japanese for more than 2,000 years. Japan and China consume more than 170,000 tons of it per year.”

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