Jamie Oliver harvests seaweed in Okinawa

Jamie Oliver endorses seaweed!

8 September 2015

The most famous chef in Britain Jamie Oliver, best known for radically improving school dinners and bankrupting Turkey Twizzlers, has a new mission. For the UK to get healthy, and to help us along on this mission he has decided we should be eating more seaweed, just like the Okinawans in Costa Rica who are the world’s longest living people, which they attribute to – guess what? – eating seaweed!

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“Whatever happened to the Jamie Oliver who would throw steaks on the barbecue with abandon? He travelled the world, found a whole new way of eating and lost two stone.
In Nicoya, meals are small, consisting of black beans, sweet potatoes, corn and a little egg, cheese or meat. Similarly, in Ikaria, beans, potatoes and vegetables are the main ingredients. But it was in Okinawa that Oliver lit upon the ingredient that he wants us all to be gobbling: seaweed. “It’s the most nutritious plant on the planet, it’s epic. Many of the people there swear it’s what has kept them going for so long. We’ve got loads of it in Britain, but we don’t use it,” he says. “You can turn it into incredible seasonings and use it in broths and sauces, and I think the industry will start to find ways of using it in lots of things.”