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People's Friend - Atlantic Kitchen Seaweed - April 2016

Ocean Harvest

5 April 2016

A delicious double spread Ocean Harvest by The People’s Friend, exclusively on Atlantic Kitchen’s seaweed, with four recipes (also to be found on our site here) – Brown Butter Gnocchi with Wakame, Squash and Wild Mushrooms – Fish Pie with Dulse – Trout and Almond Pesto Sea Spaghetti – Mac & Cheese with Dulse Experiment… Read this post…

Phatcupcake - Atlantic Kitchen - 2015

Phat Cupcake reviews our seaweed

31 March 2016

Lifestyle and food blogger Phat Cupcake reviews our delicious seaweed, with a particular focus on replacing pasta. Here’s what she makes of it… “It can be harder than it sounds to cut out pasta. I’ve tried and always go back to it, usually with disturbing effects that I won’t go into. I’m always on the… Read this post…

Bitten Online - Atlantic Kitchen - December 2015

Eat your greens!

12 March 2016

Website Bitten writes about why they are huge fans of the greens of the sea, with tips on how to collect your own as well as recipes. Recommended brand (if you aren’t going to pick your own that is!) – Atlantic Kitchen, of course. Stockists listed here. Especially love the intro; Why is seaweed good… Read this post…

Grazia magazine, Atlantic Kitchen seaweed, Feb 2016


24 February 2016

Widely respected women’s weekly magazine Grazia lists seaweed as their top new tip for 2016! Another indication that kale has a new green in town… “Forget kale, 2016 is all about seaweeed. A rich source of iron and calcium, this naturally nourishing superfood can be used in so many ways. For a light starter, try… Read this post…

Atlantic Kitchen - Refinery 29 - new superfood

Is algae the new superfood?

21 January 2016

Refinery 29, the website for style news writes of algae’s superfood properties and incredible taste. Eva Ramirez works with the Hemsley sisters who recommend Atlantic Kitchen seaweed as their algae of choice.

The Telegraph - Atlantic Kitchen - January 2016 jpg

The Telegraph dips into Sea Spaghetti

21 January 2016

The Telegraph reviews our Sea Spaghetti here as part of our launch on the website Natreco. Sounds like an unruly octopus (we love this!) but is in fact seaweed harvested from the Atlantic and transformed into pasta-llike robbons, rich in protein and iodine and only 178 calories per 100g. £5.95 for 50g. Click on the… Read this post…

Choice Magazine - Atlantic Kitchen - December 2015

Pick-me-up pasta

20 January 2016

A great mention from Choice Magazine, focusing on the pasta replacement potential for Sea Spaghetti – high in nutrients and low in calories. “Atlantic Kitchen’s ‘Sea Spaghetti’ is unlike ordinary pasta – it’s made from all-natural seaweed harvested from the Atlantic. It offers important vitamins and minerals and is a great source of protein. It… Read this post…