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Sea spaghetti featured as the pick of ingredients by Ottolenghi in Olive magazine November 2014.

Sea spaghetti is pick of ingredients, Olive magazine

28 November 2014

Yotam Ottolenghi choses his top favourite unusual ingredients available in his online store, including sea spaghetti seaweed for Olive magazine in November 2014. Jerusalem-born restauranteur and food writer Yotam Ottolenghi runs a trio of delis and NOPI restaurant. His new book Plenty More is out now. Here are his pick of ingredients to buy online…. Read this post…

The tide is turning for Britain's seaweed harvesters, in The Telegraph Finance News, Oct 2014

‘The tide is turning’ for seaweed says The Times

28 October 2014

Article in The Telegraph’s Finance News in October 2014, reporting that the ‘tide is turning’ for British seaweed startups. By Nicole Green. For more about seaweed and its’ heath benefits click here: Seaweed, grown and harvested in the British Isles, could be the next superfood to make its way on to our dinner plates. Around… Read this post…

Director Dawn Hourigan, Atlantic Kitchen is interviewed live on Sky News about the seaweed revival in the UK.

Atlantic Kitchen seaweed on Sky News

26 October 2014

Atlantic Kitchen seaweed company were invited to appear on prime time Sunday morning Sky News as part of a feature on the rising interest in the food community about seaweed, both from top chefs and restaurants and consumers attracted by the health benefits and new flavours. Dawn Hourigan was interviewed live. For more about the… Read this post…

Atlantic Kitchen interview with top foodies from River Cottage, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and The Eden Project about seaweed

Interview with River Cottage and Fifteen

12 September 2014

Founders of Atlantic Kitchen Ruth Dronfield and Dawn Hourigan are interviewed by Matt Thompson, Chief Executive of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Gill Mellor, head chef at River Cottage and Sir Tim Smith from The Eden project as part of a competition to win Best Foodie Brand of the year. The conversation is about seaweed, how to… Read this post…

Coast magazine's Coast Character' featuring Atlantic Kitchen seaweed August 2014

Atlantic Kitchen is Coast magazine’s ‘Coast character’

28 August 2014

Profile of Atlantic Kitchen founder Dawn Hourigan in Coast magazine on how and why she set up her seaweed company. By Richard Mellor. For more on Dawn see her profile here: Dawn Hourigan on how her company Atlantic Kitchen, which imports wild seaweed, is the result of an Irish coastal childhood. “While I was growing… Read this post…

Atlantic Kitchen seaweed telegraph magazine

‘She sells seaweed’, The Telegraph magazine

31 May 2014

Seaweed has long been a staple of Irish coastal diets, but Dawn Hourigan’s parents cooked it more eclectically than most thanks to a shared interest in nutrition and her Israeli mother’s exotic culinary background. ‘We’d go down to Man o’ War cove to collect seaweed and mussels and then Dad would make his seafood chowder,’ Hourigan, 29, remembers fondly of her childhood in Co Cork. ‘When I moved to London in 2011, though, I could scarcely find seaweed anywhere.’

Red magazine cover Ottolenghi seaweed recipes May 2014

Ottolenghi and seaweed recipes in Red magazine

15 May 2014

Ottolenghi writes about food today and in particular his love of unusual ingredients, including seaweed, accompanied by seaweed recipes in Red Magazine. By Pip McCormac. To view Atlantic Kitchen seaweed available on the Ottolenghi website click here: Down a street of pretty, rainbow-painted houses, under the arch of an old railway bridge, Yotam Ottolenghi’s special… Read this post…

Atlantic Kitchen seaweed in The Independent

Seaweed a ‘Shore Thing’ in the Independent

2 March 2014

Susie Mesure of The Independent interviews Atlantic Kitchen in her article about the growing trend for eating seaweed in the UK. See here for our stockists, including Ottolenghi mentioned below. For countless generations, British cooks have taken seaweed at its word, leaving it discarded on the beach. But changing tastes are elevating the humble algae… Read this post…

Best Emerging Brand Atlantic Kitchen's seaweed brand.

Atlantic Kitchen is one of the ‘Best Emerging Brands’ of 2015

15 January 2014

Atlantic Kitchen’s seaweed brand and range of seaweeds features in the Guild of Fine Food’s Best Brands magazine under ‘Emerging Brands’.